– Lightning Dragon Tiger is an exciting and adrenaline-filled live casino card game, developed by Evolution, a leading live casino game provider. This is a supercharged version of the classic Dragon Tiger game, which adds a random multiplier element to increase winning potential.

Standard Dragon Tiger Game:

* Dragon Tiger is a quick and easy to learn card game played with a standard deck of playing cards (minus the picture cards).

* The goal is to bet on which side (Dragon or Tiger) will have the highest card.

* Both parties, Dragon and Tiger, are each dealt one card. The highest card wins.

* A tie is rare, but sometimes the result is a draw.

Features of Lightning Dragon Tiger from Evolution:

* Random Multipliers: Before each spin, several “Lightning Numbers” numbers along with multipliers between 2x and 512x will be randomly selected for Dragon and Tiger bets.

* Bigger Wins: If you bet on the winning side and the matching Lightning number comes up, your winnings will be multiplied by that multiplier, potentially resulting in a much bigger payout.

* High Volatility: Random multipliers add an element of high volatility to the game. This means that the wins can be huge, but you can also experience a losing streak.

* Keep It Simple: Despite the multipliers, the core gameplay of Dragon Tiger remains simple. You just need to guess which side has the highest card.

Lightning Dragon Tiger Summary:

* Developer: Evolution

* Game Type: Live Casino Card Game (Live Casino Card Game)

* Based on the Game: Dragon Tiger Classic

* Additional Features: Random Multiplier (2x to 512x)

* Volatility: High (potential for big wins and losing streaks)

* Suitable for: Players who like games that are fast, easy to learn and have the potential to produce big wins.

Before playing Lightning Dragon Tiger, make sure you understand the rules of the game and set an appropriate budget. Even though it is interesting, this game has high volatility.

Method of Playing Lightning Dragon Tiger from Evolution

The Lightning series is one of Evolution’s greatest successes. The idea of increasing multipliers to a game we know and love is a brilliant idea and creates hours of entertainment. Therefore, every time a new game in the series is announced, we always make time to try it out.

Join us as we take a deeper look at Lightning Dragon Tiger. We’ll cover how to play it, how the multiplier feature works, and whether it’s worth your time.

Thunder Dragon Tiger 101

The Evolution title maintains the straightforward gameplay popular with the original Dragon Tiger. This game uses 8 decks of 52 cards, minimizing your card counting skills. The goal of each round is to predict which party will take the winning card. Aces are counted as one point, meaning the King is a very valuable card.

If cards of the same value appear on both sides, the round ends in a draw. It can also end with the same series if both cards have the same number and type. This result is much less frequent than Dragon or Tiger wins, but can be offset by larger payouts.

How does the Lightning Spin Method work?

The Lightning Spin occurs after the player completes his bet. This game selects one of 4 types of cards and increases the multiplier between 2x and 8x for all cards of that type. That means 13 potential Lightning Cards in each round of the game, increasing your chances of getting better payouts.

To fund multipliers without changing gameplay, Evolution practices a fixed payout of 20% for all bets. If you bet $5, the game will increase your payout by 20%, meaning your total is $6. This is visible in the user interface, so you can design bonus payments when betting.

The Lightning Dragon Tiger multiplier is very important if you plan to chase big wins. The 20:1 payout for Suited Ties can reach 1,280:1, well ahead of other Dragon Tiger titles. The optimal payout in the Evolution launch is $500. 000 plus early bet on winner.

Should You Play Lightning Dragon Tiger?

If you want to try something different, Lightning Dragon Tiger might be just what the doctor ordered. It’s similar enough to the original game to be recognizable, but the replicants encourage much riskier gameplay. As a result, you will bet on ties more often than usual.

Although you can just stick to Dragon and Tiger bets, this makes the experience less interesting. That’s why we at livecasino24. com recommends this title to players who can set aside a budget to chase the jackpot. If not, you’re better off sticking with the original one, which doesn’t involve paying a 20% bonus for each bet.

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