result – Bac Bo, also known as Tai Sai or Sic Bo, is a traditional dice game originating from China. In this game, 3 dice are thrown into a container or box, and players bet on the results of the combination of numbers that appear. Players can place bets on various outcomes, including the total of 3 dice, certain combinations of numbers, or even whether the result will be even or odd.

Bac Bo is a game of pure luck, and the outcome is determined by the way the dice fall after being thrown. This game is quite popular in casinos in Asia and can also be found in several casinos outside the region.

Bac Bo, as introduced, is an Asian game with many similarities to Baccarat. It combines the fun and excitement that makes Baccarat so popular, with rules and gameplay that are easier to follow than Baccarat. There are no cards appearing in gameplay, so there are no card shoe changes to bother you, just the dice.

This is a unique all dice game, where compared to standard playing cards like in Baccarat, the score for Player and Banker bets is the sum of the dice values, 2 for each hand. Each die is placed in an individual shaker that shakes them automatically. What happens is that the Banker and Player roll their dice partners together, and the resulting 2 numbers are added together to create the total result of the 2 dice.

The highest hand wins. The thrill increases during the shake of the dice as all the scores are updated in the user interface over time. The excitement reaches its peak when the third dice ends and it becomes clear what is needed in the final shake to achieve a Win or Player/Banker Draw. Everything is happening before your eyes, and it is happening so quickly that the sensation is incomparable. This is one of the many reasons why this game has become famous among players all over the world.

Evolution is improving the popular Asian title game, with Bac Bo being one of its latest launches. This Asian Live Casino game offers a unique twist by including the Baccarat factor. The highlight is the exciting Tie bet, paying up to 88:1. This stands out as a dynamic and fast option for those looking for endless predictions. For a closer look at the game and its details, stay with us as we explore the excitement it brings.

History of the Bac Bo Game

The history of Bac Bo, or also known as Sic Bo, has deep roots in Asian gambling culture, especially in China. The following is a brief summary of the historical development of this game:

Origins: Bac Bo has deep roots in ancient China. There are records showing that dice games similar to Bac Bo have been played in China for thousands of years. However, its initial form may have been different from the game we know today.

Introduction to Casinos: Throughout its history, Bac Bo has developed into a popular game in casinos around the world, especially in Asia. It is becoming one of the main games offered in many Asian casinos and is increasingly gaining popularity outside the Asian region.

Evolution of Sic Bo: Outside China, the game is often referred to as “Sic Bo”. This name comes from Chinese, meaning “precious dice”. As the game spread to Southeast Asian countries and then to the West, variations and rules of the game may vary.

Modernization: With the advancement of technology and the emergence of online casinos, Bac Bo has also evolved. Now, you can find online versions of these games on many online gambling sites. This allows players from all over the world to enjoy this game without having to visit a physical casino.

Popularity Today: Although Bac Bo may not be as popular as some other casino games such as blackjack or roulette, it is still a favorite in many casinos in Asia and has also gained a following outside the Asian region. Its presence in online casinos has also helped maintain its popularity among players looking for variety in craps games.

Thus, Bac Bo has come a long way and remains an integral part of the world of gambling, both in physical casinos and in online form.

Method of Playing Bac Bo

The goal of this game, of course, is to predict which hand will win by getting the highest total of 2 dice rolls. You can bet on Banker, Player and Tie.

  • Go to the live casino section and select Bac Bo Live

Visit your favorite online casino that offers Evolution live casino games. Click on the live casino section and search for Bac Bo. Click on the icon and the casino will take you straight to Evolution’s live studio.

  • Place Your Bet

The aim of this game is to predict which hand will win by having the highest total of 2 dice. You can bet on Player, Banker, and Tie. Select the amount you want to bet and place it on the outcome you hope to achieve.

  • Game starts

4 dice, 2 for Banker and 2 for Player, are shaken one by one. Each die is placed in a hidden person shaker on the gaming table that vibrates automatically. As you will quickly learn, this is an interesting element of the game as a whole, as you can see the dice being jolted, along with predictions continually increasing on where the dice will land.

  • Roll the Dice

During betting, all the dice start vibrating at the same time but stop at different times, increasing predictability and engagement and making the game much more exciting. The Player’s initial dice finish first, followed by the Banker’s initial dice. At this point, you see who got the highest score. If after the initial shuffle, the Player has the highest value, the Player’s second dice finishes next. By the same method, if after the initial shuffle, the Player has the highest value, the Banker’s second dice finishes next. But if the value is the same, the dice of both Players decide next.

  • Results

When all four dice have finished vibrating, the final result is displayed on the screen. The highest total of the 2 dice wins. If the result is a draw, there are several different payouts depending on the draw on the dice. For example, if the Player and Banker dice produce a total of 12 or 2, the payout on a Draw bet is 88:1. Other tie totals provide different odds from 4:1 and above.


Results Explained

When all four dice have finished vibrating, the result of the last spin is displayed on the screen. The winner is the highest total of the 2 dice. Player and Banker wins are paid 1:1, but Draw distributes different payouts, depending on the sum of the values of the two dice.

You get different payouts for Draws, which depend on the results of rolling 2 dice. If the result of the game is 6, 7, or 8 then the payout obtained is 4: 1, but if it is 5 or 9 and you get 6: 1. 4 or 10 gives you a payout of 10: 1, whereas 3 or 11 gives you 25: 1. Payout The best you can get is for a result of 12 or 2 games, for which you get 88:1.


Considering the fact that Bac Bo is based entirely on luck, with the highest total from a roll of 2 dice being the winner, there is no strategy that can help you. But Evolution has made sure to provide you with Betting Statistics, which displays the percentage of all bets placed on Player, Banker, and Tie. You can keep an eye on these statistics for future rounds.

However, the developer also ensures that you have access to Game Results Statistics, which shows what percentage of the last 50 games resulted in a Player Win, Banker Win, or Tie. Not only that, you have the Manic Path, the Derived Path, and the Grand Path, which are obtained from past results recorded in the Grand Path. But keep in mind that this does not guarantee victory, but can help you predict the results for future rounds.

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