As many new entrants enter the world of Live Casino gaming, the industry is working hard to produce new experiences that can serve them. Thanks to that, we see the emergence of new genres, such as the ever-popular live slots. Evolution pushed this type of game even further with the launch of Balloon Race.

Evolution Balloon Racing is a game that blends elements of racing and evolution. Players typically start with a basic balloon or vehicle and compete against others in races. The twist is that as you progress through the game, you can evolve your balloon or vehicle by collecting various power-ups, upgrades, or mutations that enhance its abilities.

This evolution aspect adds strategic depth to the racing gameplay, as players must decide how to allocate resources to optimize their chances of winning races. The game often features colorful graphics, imaginative tracks, and a variety of quirky balloons or vehicles to choose from. Overall, Evolution Balloon Racing offers a unique take on the racing genre by combining it with elements of evolution and customization.

In this post, we will give you detailed details about this game. It includes the gameplay, bonus features, expected RTP, and more. Is Balloon Race the right release for you? Keep reading to find out.

Balloon Racing Basics

The first thing you want to do is stop and admire the natural panorama. The team at Evolution have outdone themselves with the visuals, with the reels and host sitting against a beautiful night sky.

Balloon Race uses a 5- reel, 3- row grid with 10 fixed paylines. Landing 3 or more matching symbols on one of these paylines will award a matching cash prize. There are 8 pay icons and 2 bonus symbols: Scatters and Expanding Wilds. You need 3 Scatters or Expanding Wilds to fulfill the conditions of the bonus round.

Expanding Wilds can take over any other icon except Scatters. They cover all the reels they land on, increasing your chances of making a payout or hitting a combination that meets the conditions. Meanwhile, Scatters may contain bonus multipliers that increase your total winnings.

This game has 3 round modes, with fair rounds as the default. However, you can activate the XXXtreme, or Super XXXtreme rounds to fulfill the conditions more quickly. The XXXtreme spin costs 5 times more but gives you the guarantee of a growing Scatter or Wild. Meanwhile, the XXXtreme Extraordinary round requires 50 times the bottom bet, but make sure you get 2 Scatters or a wide Wild.

The RTP for normal spins is 96.09%. Meanwhile, the XXXtreme and Extraordinary XXXtreme spins come with RTPs of 96% and 96.03% respectively.

Balloon Racing Bonus Round

You can participate in the Top-Up phase after fulfilling the conditions of the Balloon Race bonus round. Clicking or tapping the TOP UP button will release 3 to 6 balloons with multipliers, with a maximum of 2 for each color. The balloons then rise and pop or reach the top. The final option increases the attached multiplier to the total bonus value.

Every time you press the TOP UP button, you will be charged the lower bet that you meet the conditions for. Increasing the bet amount will increase the multiplier value.

After the Top-Up phase ends, the Balloon Competition begins. The bonus round uses a ball draw machine with 80 balls in yellow, purple, green and red. When the bonus starts, the machine draws a random ball. Each ball you pull causes a balloon of the same color to move one step up. When one of the balloons crosses the finish line, the race ends. The color of the winning balloon determines the final payout.

Should You Try This Game?

We were impressed with this game from the first time we saw it. Evolution knocks it out of the park with beautiful graphics, thrilling gameplay and fantastic bonuses. Thanks to that, the team is happy to recommend Balloon Racing to anyone who loves live slots.

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