– Side Bet City is a casino game developed by leading gambling software provider, Evolution Gaming. This game is a variation of the traditional poker game, but with simpler rules and without direct interaction with the dealer.

Side Bet City goes back years and takes its players back to 1985. This 80s-titled poker extravaganza is full of bright, illuminating lights and brings back the 80s feeling.

However, live casino games would not be as popular as they are today if they only remained in form. After all, a game that doesn’t have any substance won’t last long. Luckily, Side Bet City has a lot of substance.

This game allows players to bet on wins for 3 cards, 5 cards, and 7 cards. Players can also bet on other options such as All Lose or on a combination of these bets. Side Bet City is a live poker variant that is fast-paced, simple and, most importantly, fun.

City Side Bet Playing Method

Side Bet City is live from top quality European studio Evolution Gaming. Studio Side Bet City looks and feels like an episode of Miami Vice. There are neon lights, 80s memorabilia and an arcade feel around the studio.

Live dealers are also dressed to play the position. The male dealer in particular looks and dresses like Don Johnson and has an 80s Florida and Miami vibe. It all creates an authentic 1980s feel that will definitely remind you of what’s happening today.

Not only do the studios and dealers look attractive, Side Bet City also comes with some state-of-the-art graphics. The various hands and their respective odds are displayed perfectly on the right side of the screen. Next, with just one touch of a button, players can expand the live chat options and talk to other people.

Another interesting feature of this game is that an unlimited number of players can join. An unlimited number of players can play Side Bet City simultaneously.

Lastly, Side Bet City is a fully licensed and regulated card game. This is because it is licensed and regulated by some of the leading regulatory bodies. These include the Malta Gaming Authority, the UK Gambling Commission, and the Alderney Gambling Control Commission.

Game Features

Side Bet City is a simple game to play and bet on. The first thing that happens is placing a bet. Players can place bets on the results of 3 cards, 5 cards, 7 cards, and all losses. It is important to note here that 3 card betting is the easiest to produce results. Next is a 7 card bet, whereas a 5 card bet appears with the highest odds.

After the bet is placed, the dealer deals 7 cards, all of which come from one deck. The initial ones dealt are 3 cards, followed by 2 sets of 2 cards. These form 5-card as well as 7-card hands.

Players may think it is difficult to recognize when you are winning, but the reality is quite the opposite. As soon as the player’s supported hand wins, a win message is displayed. The same thing is also done for all winning results, including all losing results.

Players can freely place any bets they like or create their own combinations. This means that players can support 3 cards and bet on the All Losses side. All Lose can act as a kind of insurance bet here.

As we have said, supporting 5 cards will provide the best results. This is because this is an option that is very difficult to guess correctly.

Lastly, a really nice feature of this game is the display of winning cards on the right side of the screen. It shows players when there is a winning hand. Moreover, the display shows the winning hand while the cards are still being dealt. Therefore, this is a very good bonus, especially if you are just getting to know this game.

In Side Bet City, players bet on the outcome of the five community cards they are dealt, similar to the type of betting in Texas Hold’em poker games. However, in this game, players do not compete directly with the dealer or other players. They simply bet on the outcome of the cards they are given.

Once players have selected their bets, the dealer will deal five community cards face up on the table. Players then win their bets based on the highest card combination formed from those five cards.

Players can choose from a variety of side bets with different payouts, which can include bets on certain card combinations or the total value of the cards. Side Bet City offers a fast and easy-to-play gaming experience, making it perfect for players looking for relaxed, stress-free casino entertainment.

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