– Jumanji is a game that was originally created in book form by American author and illustrator,

Chris Van Allsburg, in 1981. Later, this game was adapted into several films and also a board game.

The story Jumanji tells the story of a group of children who discover a mysterious board game that

takes them on an adventure full of danger and wonder.


In the game, players have to take turns rolling the dice and moving their pawns according to the results of the dice.

Each square on the game board represents an adventure or challenge that the player must face.


Most of the adventures in the Jumanji story are fantastic and dangerous, such as fights with wild animals,

journeys to parallel worlds, or even battles with supernatural forces.


In the real world, this game became famous through the 1995 film adaptation starring Robin Williams and its sequel,

as well as other adapted versions. The Jumanji games in both the film and the real board game versions

have interactive elements that allow players to experience the adventure as if they were actually in the game.


A few moments ago, Playtech unveiled its newest gameshow, inspired by the epic film Jumanji: The Bonus Level. If you are a fan of the brand, and maybe you are, let’s check it out!

The news was shared in early August; Global Live Casino and online gambling content provider,

Playtech, has launched its newest Live Dealer gameshow, called Jumanji: The Bonus Level.

Considering it took 3 full years to make, this game is truly something, presented in detail,

and offers an experience like no other.

If you are interested in trying it, continue reading to find out the most important details!


History of the Jumanji Game


As reported by Wikipedia, the history of the Jumanji game begins with a book entitled “Jumanji”,

written and illustrated by Chris Van Allsburg. This book was first published in 1981.


The story in the book tells of two children, Judy and Peter, who find a mysterious board game in their new house.

This game turns out to have magical powers that take them on a dangerous and tense adventure.


In 1995, the Jumanji story was adapted into a feature film with the same title.

The film was directed by Joe Johnston and stars Robin Williams, Bonnie Hunt, and Kirsten Dunst.


This film became very popular and is remembered by many people because of its exciting story and amazing special effects for its time.


Furthermore, in 1996, the Milton Bradley Company, a company that produces board games,

released a real-life board game version of Jumanji. This board game follows a similar concept to the

original story, where players must roll dice and complete various adventures displayed on the game board.


As time goes by, Jumanji remains a popular cultural heritage. In 2017, a reboot of the Jumanji film

was released under the title “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle”, starring Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart,

Jack Black, and Karen Gillan. The film became a huge success at the box office and received praise from

critics as well as the audience.


A sequel to the reboot, “Jumanji: The Next Level”, was released in 2019, which was also a commercial success.


With its successful films and board game version being a favorite among game fans, Jumanji

has become one of the most iconic and well-known entertainment franchises in the world.

The Jumanji Live game is a concept that brings an interactive experience similar to the adventures

in the Jumanji story into the real world. Here is a general guide on how to play Jumanji Live:

Select Player Group: Each Jumanji Live game session is usually played by a group of people,

ranging from a few people to larger groups.


Preliminary Instructions: Before starting the game, players are given initial instructions

about the story and objectives of the game. This can be a short story or short instructions from the game organizer.


Character Clothing: Usually, players are asked to wear clothes or costumes that match

the characters in the Jumanji story, such as jungle explorers, adventurers, or other relevant characters.


Rules Explanation: Before starting, the organizer will explain the rules of the game,

including how to play, limits, and other important instructions. This also includes an explanation

of what is expected of the player, such as interacting with the props, solving puzzles, and completing challenges.


Players Begin the Game: Once the rules are explained, the game begins with the

players trying to complete the challenges. This may include exploring a room or prepared area,

finding clues, solving puzzles, or facing physical challenges.


Interaction with Props and Characters: As the game progresses, players will interact with various props and characters that may exist in the Jumanji story. This can include finding artifacts or important objects, talking to non-player characters, or encountering obstacles that must be overcome.

Game Completion: The final goal of the Jumanji Live game is to complete the story

or achieve certain preset goals. This could be rescuing story characters, finding hidden treasure, or reaching the end point of an adventure journey.


Evaluation and Discussion: After the game is finished, there is usually an evaluation

and discussion session between players to discuss their experience, what worked and what could be improved, as well as impressions from the game.

Each Jumanji Live game organizer may have different variations of rules and ways of playing, but the basic principle is to provide players with a thrilling and interactive adventure experience, similar to the story that occurs in the world of Jumanji.


Jumanji: Bonus Level from Playtech!


Leading Live Casino and online gambling software developer, Playtech, in early August announced the launch of its newest gameshow, a highly anticipated and long-established game inspired by the iconic blockbuster, called Jumanji: The Bonus Level.

The new game, which combines the Live Dealer experience and the popularity of epic blockbusters, has been in development for 3 years! Since the developer aimed to redefine Live Casino gaming with it, it took time to perfect it, and now, here it is: the world’s first Live Casino game motivated by a blockbuster from Hollywood, which is a big movie. a milestone in the totality of the industry as well as the vertical itself.

Based on the film’s narrative, once you load the gameshow, you are immediately taken on a journey deep in the forest, experiencing surprises and challenges on a quest for the ultimate treasure, such as unlocking the secrets of a magical board game or crashing a raid. from wild fauna.

Playtech, the famous gaming software company, may have released a digital version of the Jumanji Live game or may have collaborated with other game developers to bring the experience. However, I don’t have any specific information regarding what version of “Jumanji Live” might be on their platform.

However, if there is a version of the Jumanji Live game developed by Playtech or available on their platform, the gameplay may be similar to the general guide I explained earlier. The following are generally applicable approaches:

Select Game: Open the Playtech app or platform and search for the Jumanji Live game. Follow the steps given to select the desired game mode, such as solo or multiplayer play.

Preliminary Hints and Rules: Usually, the game will provide a preliminary hint and explain the rules of the game before starting. This can be a short tutorial or written instructions.

Start the Game: After understanding the rules and instructions, start the game. Follow the instructions given in the game to understand the objectives and challenges to face.

Interactions and Challenges: During the game, you will interact with elements in the game and face various challenges. These can be puzzles, battles, or other tasks that must be completed.

Communication with Other Players (if applicable): If you are playing in multiplayer mode, communicate with other players to work together to complete challenges and achieve common goals.

Game Completion: Strive to successfully complete the game according to the set objectives. Follow the instructions given in the game to reach the end point or complete the story.

Evaluation and Discussion: After the game is over, take time to evaluate your experience and discuss with fellow players, if possible. This can help to understand what worked and what could be improved for the next game.

Be sure to read the hints and instructions provided in the game carefully, as each version of the Jumanji Live game may have different features and mechanics depending on the platform and developer.

Coming straight from one of the world’s best and largest studios ever created, and designed to transport you to the enchanting world of Jumanji, Jumanji: The Bonus Level is a masterpiece in terms of design. The developer’s attention to detail ensures that the game replicates the authenticity of the blockbuster, with the hope of providing players with a 24/7 entertainment page experience. Try it and you will see!

The launch of this new game reaffirms the developer’s position as a leader in introducing immersive and unique gaming experiences. Considering the Live vertical continues to grow as players always love the experience of playing games broadcast in real-time, Playtech has done a great job with this new title, adding a layer of authenticity to it.

The world of online gambling is growing and so is the growing demand to provide

immersive entertainment and experiences to players by raising the standards of innovation,

quality and dedication to be accepted by players around the world, and Playtech has certainly

outdone itself with this new title, provide players exactly what they ask for.

Playtech Statement on New Games

Playtech CEO, Edo Haitin, said that they are very proud to introduce a revolutionary new

gameshow that combines the cinematic magic of epic films with advanced technology.


Thanking Sony Pictures for trusting Playtech to bring the famous brand to life, Haitin

said that their entire team is pouring their talent and passion into producing an unrivaled gaming adventure,

so they are all confident that this will set a new standard in the Live Casino industry.

How to play

This game has not just one but 2 wheels! Each consists of 43 segments and is installed so that the side edges are visible to the player. They rotate simultaneously, with one handing out prizes and bonuses while the other draws characters from the film. Most zones contain only one character, although some tiles have several characters listed simultaneously. Both wheels also have jaguar heads.

Before spinning the wheel, select Ruby, Shelly, Mouse, or Smolder. If the second wheel selects your preferred personality, your payout doubles. You have a limited time to place a bet on feature number one or 2 or 6. You only win or get a bonus result if you bet.


Jumanji: Live Bonus Features Bonus Tiers


Jungle Royale has 2 players position themselves against Van Pelt, throwing items at him to reduce his hit points. Each successful attack increases the multiplier prize, with the projectiles you have randomly assigned. Stones give 2x prizes, whereas boomerangs and bananas give 6x prizes. However, missing means no payment. If both player positions bring Van Pelt’s health to zero, a 10x bonus multiplier is added to the total.

Monkey Valley gives you 3 bridges to choose from, each having a certain level of risk. Low stakes can deal between 10x and 14x, with a possible damage of 20%. The risk again comes with cash prizes ranging from 15x to 20x and a 40% chance of failure. Lastly, the high risk bridge offers a range between 25x and 32x, but will fail in 80% of cases. After selecting an option, the monkey runs across the bridge, reducing the multiplier or destroying the bridge. The remainder will be given as your cash prize.

Snake Bite is played using a deck of 52 cards. Each card shows a basket, an antidote, or a snake. The host shuffles the cards and places 5 cards face down on the table. You then choose 3 cards and receive different prizes based on the nominal value of the cards you choose.

Wild Spin uses a single wheel of fortune with 54 segments, similar to Adventures Beyond Wonderland. Landing on an animal adds a matching reward to your balance as well as ending the bonus. Re-spin spins the wheel again while practicing a 5x increase on all prizes. Lastly, the wheel can stop on one of 4 personalities. It doubles the payout of all animals for all players who choose that character.

Path of Jumanji is a dice game with 4 participants: Blue Monkey, Purple Crocodile, Red Elephant, or Green Rhino. Each animal has a separate 15-step path filled with multipliers leading to the center. You choose one of 4 animals at the start of the feature, receiving the prizes it earns along the way. Steps 3 and 8 have green domes, which can make you progress, increase the prize to your total, double your payout, or activate the Saving Jumanji bonus.

Rhino Run Cash Collect has you choosing between 3 patterned chests, each located on a different line. Drops will reveal multiplier prizes, gems that unlock the Saving Jumanji feature, and cash that collects coins on each path. You only get a reward if the coin falls – otherwise you’ll be left out to dry.

Lastly is Saving Jumanji, which comes in 2 flavors. If triggered using 2 jaguar heads, the character will be randomly selected to save Jumanji, the payout will be double compared to the other 3. Meanwhile, activating it via Path of Jumanji or Rhino Run Cash Collect will distribute random multipliers to players who open it.

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