– Mega Sic Bo is a live casino game that combines the classic Chinese dice game Sic Bo with an exciting multiplier feature. Few dice recreations can coordinate the energy of Sic Bo. It has been a staple of live merchant diversions since it came out, driving numerous engineers to dispatch their forms. Down to earth Play joins the party with Mega Sic Bo, which includes multipliers into the blend. The Asian beginning of the diversion is grasped within the studio design.

On the off chance that you need to shake up the regular Sic Bo involvement, this title is one you must check out. Will its multipliers succeed in winning you over?

Here’s a breakdown of its key aspects:

Core Gameplay:

* Based on Sic Bo: It inherits the basic gameplay of Sic Bo, where players bet on the outcome of three dice rolls.

* Dice and Betting Options: Players wager on various possibilities like the sum of the dice, the value of individual dice, or specific combinations.

* Live Dealer: A human dealer manages the game, rolling the dice and generating the results in a real-time casino setting.

Mega Multiplier Feature:

* Sets Mega Sic Bo apart: This feature adds an element of excitement and potentially larger payouts.

* Specific betting spots: Before each round, certain betting areas on the table are randomly assigned multipliers ranging from x1 to x1,000.

* Winning with a multiplier: If your winning bet overlaps with a section containing a multiplier, your winnings are multiplied by that value, increasing your potential payout significantly.

Additional Points:

* Fast-paced and engaging: The combination of classic Sic Bo gameplay with the dynamic multiplier feature keeps the game exciting and interactive.
* Higher risk and reward: The multipliers offer the potential for larger wins, but also involve a higher degree of risk compared to standard Sic Bo bets.
* Available at online casinos: Mega Sic Bo can be found at various online casinos that offer live dealer games.

How To Play Mega Sic Bo

Reported from Wikipedia, while I can’t provide instructions for gambling directly, I can guide you through the general gameplay of Mega Sic Bo to help you understand its mechanics. Remember, gambling involves risk and should be done responsibly.

Mega Sic Bo holds the locks in gameplay of standard Sic Bo. It highlights a expansive wagering board full of wagering alternatives that players can take advantage of. All the multipliers in this amusement get included on best of existing bets. Choose a coin esteem and put it on the stakes you think will win. PragmaticPlay shows the payouts for all wagers on the wagering board.

The amusement employments an robotized dice shaker to choose the comes about of each circular. Three dice get shaken, and the numbers they show will decide on the off chance that you win or not. The have does not connected with the dice shaker. Their part is to keep players locked in and give commentary. In the event that your wagered matches what the dice appear, you win the comparing prize.

Diversion Features

Multipliers are the huge expansion this Down to earth Play discharge brings. They show up on arbitrary wagering positions. Moreover, the potential payout increment depends on the bet the multipliers apply to. Small/Big and Odd/Even wagers cannot advantage from the multiplier. The most noteworthy conceivable multiplier is the particular triple, boosting the payout up 999:1.

The cleared out side of the screen appears street maps for Small/Big and Odd/Even wagers. You’ll be able how frequently each one wins and try to chase patterns. To the correct of the wagering board, we see wagering insights. They appear how often each dice number is portion of a win, which can assist you chase number wagers. Mega Sic Bo allows an boundless number of players to appreciate it simultaneously.

Auto Play is additionally accessible in Down to business Play’s amusement. Set up your bet as normal, at that point dispatch Auto Play. It’ll play the number of rounds you select, rehashing the same stake you set.

Video Performance

The designer set up a custom Asian-themed studio particularly for Mega Sic Bo. It employments a commonplace ruddy and gold color plot we regularly see in Sic Bo studios. Down to earth Play employments phenomenal, high-quality cameras to capture the activity. The diversion employments a few cameras, zooming in when the dice shaker is around to show the results.

Our Considerations on Mega Sic Bo

Mega Sic Bo does not shake the pontoon as well much. The expansion of multipliers implies each circular has the potential to be more fulfilling than standard Sic Bo. However, you may ought to go for the less secure bets in the event that you need to advantage from its 1,000x best prize. Amazing video quality and different camera angles enhance the encounter and make it more curiously. Mega Sic Bo guarantees a fun time in case you’re willing to deliver it a go. It’s certainly a decent touch for this dazzling live casino diversion.

Here’s a breakdown of Mega Sic Bo gameplay:


1. Find a reputable online casino: Ensure it offers Mega Sic Bo and holds a valid gaming license.

2. Understand the betting options: Familiarize yourself with the various bets available, such as:

* Total sum of the dice: Betting on the combined value of all three dice (e.g., sum 7, sum 11).
* Individual dice values: Betting on the specific value of one, two, or all three dice (e.g., dice 1 = 3, dice 2 and 3 = 6).
* Specific combinations: Betting on particular combinations of dice values (e.g., triple 1, double 4).

3. Set your budget and bet amount: Decide on a comfortable amount you’re willing to wager within your limits.


1. Join a live game: Connect to an ongoing Mega Sic Bo table hosted by a live dealer.

2. Observe the multiplier board: Before each round, the dealer will reveal a board highlighting specific betting spots assigned random multipliers ranging from x1 to x1,000.

3. Place your bets: Choose the betting options you wish to wager on, considering both the potential outcomes and the available multipliers.

4. The dealer rolls the dice: The live dealer rolls the three dice using a special dice shaker or automated system.

5. Results and payouts: The winning outcome is determined based on the dice roll. If your winning bet overlaps with a section containing a multiplier, your winnings are multiplied accordingly.


* Mega Sic Bo involves inherent risks due to the chance-based nature of the dice rolls and the potential for high multipliers.

* Each casino might have slight variations in available bets and payout structures.

* It’s crucial to gamble responsibly, set limits, and prioritize your well-being over potential wins.

Additional Tips:

* Start with smaller bets to understand the game’s mechanics and become comfortable with the betting options before increasing your wagers.

* Familiarize yourself with the specific rules and payout structures of the Mega Sic Bo game offered by the chosen online casino.

* Remember, the house always has an edge. Don’t chase losses and prioritize responsible gambling practices.

Here’s a quick comparison of Mega Sic Bo and Sic Bo:

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