– Cockfighting is an activity in which two roosters are placed in a ring to fight each other. The fight continues until one rooster is unable to continue, either because it is killed or it is so badly injured that it cannot fight anymore. Cockfighting is illegal in many places, and there are many groups that are working to end the practice.

The origins of cockfighting are not known for sure, but it is thought to have been practiced for centuries. It was once a popular sport in many parts of the world, but it has become increasingly controversial in recent years. Cockfighting is now illegal in many countries, and there are many groups that are working to end the practice.

There are many reasons why people oppose cockfighting. Some people believe that it is cruel and barbaric to force two animals to fight to the death. Others are concerned about the welfare of the animals, who are often bred and raised specifically for fighting. Still others believe that cockfighting is a form of gambling that can lead to addiction and other problems.

Despite the opposition, cockfighting continues to be practiced in some parts of the world. It is important to note that I cannot provide instructions or encouragement for illegal activities, even if they are culturally specific.

If you are interested in learning more about cockfighting, I encourage you to research the topic from a variety of sources. There are many groups that are working to end cockfighting, and you can find more information about their work online.

History of Cockfighting

The history of cockfighting is long and complex, dating back centuries to ancient civilizations. It has been practiced in many parts of the world, including Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Cockfighting was once a popular sport and pastime, but it has become increasingly controversial in recent years due to concerns about animal welfare.

The earliest evidence of cockfighting comes from the Indus Valley civilization, which flourished in what is now Pakistan and India between 3300 and 1300 BCE. Cockfighting was also popular in ancient China and Greece, and it was brought to Europe by the Romans.

Cockfighting continued to be popular in Europe throughout the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. It was a favorite pastime of kings and nobles, and it was often depicted in art and literature. Cockfighting was also popular in the Americas, and it was brought to the New World by European colonists.

In the 19th and 20th centuries, cockfighting began to decline in popularity in many parts of the world. This was due to a number of factors, including the rise of animal welfare concerns, the urbanization of society, and the development of other forms of entertainment.

However, cockfighting is still practiced in some parts of the world today, particularly in Southeast Asia and Latin America. It is illegal in many countries, but it continues to be a popular pastime in some areas.

Cockfighting is a controversial topic, and there are strong opinions on both sides of the issue. Those who support cockfighting argue that it is a tradition that should be preserved, and that it can be a humane sport if carried out properly. Those who oppose cockfighting argue that it is cruel and barbaric, and that it should be banned.

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to support cockfighting is a personal one. However, it is important to be aware of the history of the sport and the arguments on both sides of the issue before making a decision.

Hot To Play Cockfighting

In online cockfighting games. There are options on the menu display that you can choose as your bet. in online cockfighting games.

Color Blue / Player

Where if my bosses play for a blue chicken or PLAYER, the calculation is very easy, namely if the blue chicken wins the match then my boss will be declared the winner and if the blue chicken loses before the game time runs out (10 minutes) then my bosses’ partner will be declared lost.

Red / Banker

Where if my bosses play for a red chicken or BANKER, the calculation is very easy, namely if the red chicken wins the match then my boss will be declared the winner and if the red chicken loses before the game time runs out (10 minutes) then my bosses’ partner will be declared the winner. lost.

divided into 2 options BDD and FTD


For this BDD pair, it is also quite easy to understand, where BDD, which stands for Both Death Draw or can also be called both chickens, die before the game time is up (10 minutes), it will be declared BDD, but if my bosses bet on the red cock and the red cock. blue then the pair will be considered a draw or tie.


And for this FTD pair it is also not difficult to understand where FTD means Full Time Draw or both chickens are not dead until the game time is up (10 minutes) then FTD will be declared if something like this happens then all bets for BDD, BANKER, or PLAYER will be declared lost.

Creator Cockfighting

Attributing the creation of cockfighting to a single person is impossible. It’s a practice with ancient roots, likely evolving organically rather than stemming from one individual’s idea. Here’s a breakdown:

Ancient Origins:

* Evidence suggests cockfighting existed in the Indus Valley civilization (modern-day Pakistan and India) as early as 3300-1300 BCE.

* Similar practices appeared in ancient China and Greece, indicating independent development or cultural exchange.

Evolution and Spread:

* The Romans played a pivotal role in spreading cockfighting throughout Europe, making it popular among royalty and commoners alike.

* The activity traveled with European colonists to the Americas, taking root in various regions.

No Single Inventor:

* Unlike many games with documented inventors, cockfighting lacks a concrete origin story.

* It’s more accurate to view it as a cultural practice that evolved over centuries, influenced by different societies and regions.

Reasons for No Singular Creator:

* The core concept of pitting roosters against each other likely emerged from pre-existing animal contests or displays of dominance.

* Variations in rules, breeds, and rituals developed based on local customs and traditions.

* The lack of written records from early periods further obscures the details of its evolution.

Modern Controversy:

* While once a celebrated activity, cockfighting faces fierce criticism due to ethical concerns about animal cruelty and welfare.

* It’s illegal in many countries due to these ethical concerns and the potential for gambling and criminal activity associated with it.

And those are some types of online Cockfighting bets that my bosses need to know, but my bosses also need to know several other terms such as the ones below:

1. Hackfight: which means an online cockfighting match that is played freely, and where all my bosses are free to register and can place bets.

2. Derby Match: which means an online cockfighting match between the two teams and where the winner will be determined by which team wins the match more often.

3. Scales: the term online cockfighting is used to see how much weight the chicken that will be playing is.

And my bosses also have to understand that in online cockfighting betting there are also odds calculations, these odds are useful for determining how much winning payout my bosses can get if they win the bet, for example as below:

* +1.00: If for example my bosses place a bet of IDR. 100,000 and succeed in winning, the money my boss will receive is IDR. 200,000 and that includes capital, but if my boss loses then my boss will suffer a loss of Rp. 100,000.

* +0.90: If for example my bosses place a bet of IDR. 100,000 and succeed in winning, the money my boss will receive is IDR. 190,000 and that includes capital, but if my boss loses then my boss will suffer a loss of Rp. 100,000.

* -0.90: If for example my bosses place a bet of IDR. 100,000 and succeed in winning, the money my boss will receive is IDR. 200,000 and that is included in capital, but if my boss loses then my boss will suffer a loss of Rp. 90,000.

* 1:6: For this pair, this is the pair with the highest or largest payout in this Online Cockfighting game if my bosses place this bet of IDR. 100,000 and succeed in winning, the money my boss will get is 6 times the capital my boss put in, namely Rp. 600,000.

The explanation above is the types of online cockfighting bets that my boss needs to understand before placing a bet, but if my boss plays online cockfighting through the S128 provider (Login Server) then my boss also has to know several terms that my boss must also understand, namely as follows:

1. Live Screen: This live screen functions as the main screen to display the ongoing Online Cockfighting match, and apart from that, in this menu my bosses can also set the screen size to normal or full screen.

2. Betting Panel: For this Betting Panel, my bosses can place bets and also choose the odds in the Online Cockfighting game, and here my bosses can also see the profiles of the two chickens that will be fighting along with photos of the two chickens.

3. History: And for this History function, my bosses can see all the matches that have been completed and also my bosses can see the history of the bets that my boss has placed.

And those are some of the terms and types of bets in the Online Cockfighting game that my bosses need to know and understand before they place bets.

How to Choose the Right Chicken:

1. Choose a chicken that has a large head and is shaped like a betel nut. These characteristics indicate that the chicken is more resistant to hitting, smart and difficult to attack.

2. Choose a chicken that has eyelids that fall inward, so that the eyes can be protected from attacks by opponents and the eyes must also be clear and have signs of black spots, because the smaller the black spots in the eyes indicate the chicken has a good mentality and is agile .

3. Choose a chicken with a thick comb and a comb posture that is further back because the comb shows the chicken’s courage.

4. Choose a chicken whose beak is sharp at the front, resembling an eagle’s beak and is hard so it doesn’t break easily so the chicken can pin your opponent down and deliver the right attack to the target.

Common Cockfighting Rules

1. Upon entrance to the pit, the arbitrator will weigh the cock participant, check its band number, and carefully look at the gaff (on the off chance that utilized) to see that the cock complies in each way with the rules. Cock proprietors are moreover permitted to check weights and gaffs.

2. After the official announces cocks that are qualified to battle, the arbitrator will at that point start speedy warming that endures a diminutive. In warming, cocks are discharged on the setting lines around 6 to 8 feet separated. in case a cock is disabled in any way within the warming, it is classed as carelessness on the portion of the cock owner.

3. The official will call for the proprietors to require hold of their cocks after the heating. A short time later, the proprietors will be inquired to place their participant cock before their particular score lines within the pit. The cocks are to be discharged instantly at the arrange of the official, and the battling begins.

4. At all times, the cock proprietor and the cock will be in full see of both the gathering of people and the arbitrator. Once the cocks are discharged within the pit, cockfighters must position themselves six feet absent from their particular cocks and must remain at that remove until the official orders a handle.

5. Cocks must not be touched at any time amid a battle, by either the handler or the official, unless the arrange of a handle is given. Cockfighters must expeditiously obey.

6. An arrange of a handle will be given in the event that a cock is hung in his adversary, the pit, himself, or in case of a foul.

7. An proprietor must drag the gaff from his possess cock and he isn’t permitted to touch the contradicting cock at any time but after the arrange of a handle to ensure himself or his cock. Pounding or unnecessary unpleasantness could be a battle is hindered by 20 seconds of rest.

8. At the conclusion of a rest period, the arbitrator will call “Get ready,” followed by the command to pit which ought to be issued now not than five seconds after the get prepared call.

9. A cock is entitled to a number in case he battles final or when the other cock runs absent. A check is only given when called for by the proprietor of the cock entitled to the same. The pitter calling for the tally includes a time limit of five seconds, something else, he loses the correct to check. It is the arbitrator who chooses whether the number is inquired for within the five-second period.

10. A number is wiped out three Tens, and one Twenty (set up by long custom and arrange of rules.) Checking should continuously be done by the official.

11. When the cock being tallied out battles, the arbitrator will call “Count broken,” and when given once more, it’ll begin with the primary Ten. A cock breaking the check by battling is entitled to the number himself in the event that the opponent’s cock does not battle. In case a cock having the number passes on, the restricting fowl wins the battle.

12. In case the cock may be a he cannot win. Not one or the other passage will get a credit for the battle on his scorecard. In the event that the fowl has a check run, the adversary is entitled to the check.

13. In case both cocks are running and neither has the tally, each passage loses a full fight.

14. In case both cocks are dead or passing on, the battle may be a Each participant is rewarded one-half battle on the scorecard.

15. Runaway cocks cannot win beneath any circumstance, whereas dead cocks are as it were entitled to a draw. The referee is to proceed all checks some time recently rendering a last decision.

16. In case both cocks halt battling or run and neither has the tally, inside five seconds, the arbitrator might automatically call a time of 20 seconds, three times. The arbitrator shall call out “Time in the event that Going On” and at the conclusion of 20 seconds, call a handle. Each time call will be 20 seconds, in conjunction with seconds of rest between pittings. In case not one or the other battles, the coordinate could be a unless both are running.

17. A dead cock is, within the conclusion of the official, one that’s really dead and not passing on. A dead cock loses to a live cock in case the last mentioned isn’t a runaway. The arbitrator is to proceed the conclusion of all tallies or time some time recently rendering a last choice or making an examination of the winged creatures.

18. The address of the gameness of a cock being a runner should be cleared out to the watchfulness of the arbitrator at all times. Also, no fresh cock will be brought into the pit to test the gameness of another cock at any time unless the opposing cock is physically incapable to appear fight.

19. On the off chance that or when a cock takes off the pit amid a battle beneath any circumstances, he will consequently lose any count or checks that he may have. The referee is to quickly arrange a handle and provide time. The cock remaining within the gets the tally as it were by battling when next requested by the referee.

20. If the cock that has cleared out the pit isn’t at the conclusion of a 20-second rest period for the arrange of the pit, the chicken remaining within the pit automatically receives the tally, in the event that not running or dead. In such instances, the arbitrator will proceed through all checks and rest periods before making a last decision.

21. In case the gamefowl is brought back at any time, he is to be set at the graduation of the another setting. In case he is not brought back at the graduation of the 20-count, he is pronounced the failure on the off chance that the chicken in the pit is not dead or running.

22. In cockfighting terms, “fighting” implies striking, chasing, or pecking the adversary. When feathered creatures are unmoving and one or both are holding and not one or the other proprietors claim a tally, the arbitrator might deliver Time.

23. There is no time restrain to a cockfight. In any case, in most cases, battles can take around 15 to 20 minutes.


1. Cockfighting’s history reflects cultural practices and traditions, but its association with animal cruelty requires ethical consideration.

2. Understanding its origins doesn’t justify continued participation in an activity that many consider inhumane.

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