Inoming – If there is one thing that makes you excel, it is Keno. Streaming live from their Latvian live casino, Keno is the best in the business. It offers an unrivaled high-quality user interface and comes with plenty of opportunities to make wins.

History of Keno

Keno, a gambling game played with cards (tickets) containing numbers in boxes, usually from 1 to 80. A player marks or circles these numbers as many times as he wants up to the maximum limit allowed, after which he submits, or registers, his ticket and pays according to the number he chooses. At regular daily intervals, a total of 20 numbered balls or pellets are drawn randomly from a container, and prizes are paid by the host according to how many number choices each player takes.

From Wikipedia, Keno comes from China and is very ancient, at least 2,000 years old. The original Chinese name for this game is baige piao or pai-ko piao, meaning “white dove ticket”, which refers to the ticket used in betting games involving homing pigeons. From around the 3rd century BC, baige piao games existed in most provinces in China, generally organized by one or more gambling houses with the permission of the provincial governor, who in turn received a share of the profits.

The original ticket used in baige piao, and still widely used in Chinese communities where the game continues to be popular, shows the initial 80 characters in Qianziwen (“A Novel of a Thousand Personalities”), rather than numbers. This classic of Chinese literature, by an unknown author, contains exactly 1,000 Chinese ideograms (or characters), all distinct, and was so popular among the Chinese intelligentsia that these characters were sometimes used as substitutes for the corresponding numbers from 1 to 1,000.

Baige piao (or pak-a-pu, as it is known in the West) is not only the ancestor of keno but also lottery and bingo. Keno arrived in the western United States in the 1840s with Chinese immigrants. In the early 20th century, this game gained popularity among non-Chinese groups in the United States under the name Chinese lottery, in which the characters were changed to numbers.

At that time it also got the name keno, a corruption of the French word quine (“group of 5”). In 1933 keno was introduced at a gambling house in Reno, Nevada, under the name Racing Horse Keno, with the name of the horse instead of the number on the ticket so as not to run afoul of state laws regarding lotteries. The Nevada law was changed in 1951, after which keno became a numbers game.

Today keno is played (with many pictures every day) in almost all American casinos and in many casinos in Australia, South Africa, South America, and East Asia. The house advantage in casino keno is quite large—about 25 percent. Keno is also offered as a game (usually with weekly draws) by many lottery companies around the world.

The Best Aspect of Keno

It is a fact that all numbers are taken by the live dealer. This means that there is no RNG factor in determining which number will be drawn next. This ensures maximum transparency and fairness is always guaranteed.

Method of Playing Keno

Keno is broadcast live from VIP Baltic studios located in Latvia. All games are streamed in Full HD and that means a lot to the overall Keno experience. Players can choose between classic mode and full screen and both provide a satisfying experience.

Another aspect that makes Keno

So a high quality product means the number of players accepted is unlimited. Unlike other live casino games, Keno is open to everyone who joins and there are no player restrictions whatsoever.

The tendency to bring the entire game closer to the player is at the heart of the method operate. In line with this is the fact that Keno is available in 6 languages. Most importantly, one of these languages is English, which means there is no language barrier.

Not only that, this game is also brought closer to players in other ways. One of them is the fact that this game runs 24/7 which means it is impossible to miss. This is a big deal for other game developers, but Keno offers constant entertainment at any time of the day.

Keno is also brought closer to players through player involvement and sharing/inviting equipment. This allows everyone to experience the benefits of the game and makes the reach of Keno wider.

Lastly, Keno is a completely legal game. Initially, it is licensed and regulated by the Curacao eGaming Licensing Authority. Apart from this license, this game is also verified by SCG- Bulgaria, ItechLabs, BMM, and RSG- Eclipse.

Game Features

There are several features that make this game great for players and casino operators. First of all, Keno limits can be configured by each operator independently. This means that operators can adjust all minimum and maximum deposit limits. This is also good for players because casino operators always practice flexible limits when they decide on them.

Second, the jackpot can also be completely configured. This means that the operator can decide when and how the jackpot is paid. This means a lot to the casino operator and it certainly tries to accommodate the needs of its clients here.

Finally, another thing that can be adjusted for each operator is the number of balls selected per game. This is done to ensure that each operator can add its own variation to Keno.

Not only these features, Keno also comes with other interesting options. The most important thing is the direct conversation feature. This allows players to talk to each other as well as the dealer. This creates a friendlier atmosphere where all participants feel fully involved.

In totality, Keno more than just drawing numbers. The game has many features that increase its reach and justify the excitement. Players are never left waiting, play games of great quality and are almost always given flexible limits.

1. Understand the Basics

Have a keno card. These cards are generally found in keno rooms in casinos. The numbers on the cards (1 to 80) will correspond to the number of balls on the keno machine.

* Some places or lottery centers have different types of cards. Some want to sell jackpot cards or special bonuses, not just regular cards. Ask if these places sell more than one type of card.

Select the numbers and mark them on your keno card, or choose with the encouragement of the keno game staff. Each number you select is called a keno point, and the keno cards will be arranged in 8 rows and 10 columns consisting of all the numbers contained. Your card will display how many numbers you can choose.

* Some cards will allow you to choose from 1 to 10 numbers, while others will allow you to choose up to 20. No matter how many numbers you bet on, the ticket price will always be the same. So, bet bigger!

* Some other cards will have a “quick pick” section, which is the section where you can ask the PC to make a choice for you. The chance of winning remains the same.

Determine the amount of money you want to bet on your chosen numbers and how many keno games you want to play.

Show these choices on your keno card. If you bet $1 on your chosen numbers and want to play up to 7 times, your bet amount is $7. Of course, the bigger the money you bet, the bigger the money you can win.

* You can bet from $1 on each bet, and usually up to $20, but this depends on where you play.

* Players can bet on the same set of numbers in the game using line betting. This bet is more complicated because you have to choose a mixture of several groups of numbers so it is difficult for you to pay attention to your choices. We will discuss this in the next section.

Deal your keno cards to the keno game staff, who will place your bets into the next game. An electronic ticket copy of your card will be given back to you so that you can follow the course of the match when the numbers are announced. Make sure everything is correct before you hand over your card!

Watch the keno machine sort 20 balls randomly (or watch the screen). The majority of modern keno machines use PC software to generate winning numbers. These numbers are then displayed electronically on keno boards located in many places in your gaming location. If you play some other games, you can always walk around and not forget the results of keno.

* The number of the game you are playing will appear on top of your ticket and on the screen (usually in the bottom corner). Make sure these two numbers are the same!

* Pay attention if there are numbers that you select on your ticket, which are the same as the numbers that have been selected by the keno machine. If so then you win. Your winning amount will depend on how many numbers match and how much you bet.

* Payout depends on the number of keno tickets in each game. In some cases, a one dollar bet can result in payouts of tens of thousands of dollars. Ask the keno game staff for an explanation if you are not sure about the calculation method. Some keno playing places also give extra payments if you choose bonus numbers.

* Each playing area has different conditions; There are no comparable pay averages. However, the profit from the payment generally lies in the range below 70% to 80%. For the record, this number is not good. Make sure the number is as close to 100% as possible.

2. Combining Numbers

Use a “line” ticket. At this point, the game starts to get a little more complicated. This is where you have to enter the right combination of numbers. Here’s an example for you:

* You sort 6 numbers.

* You circle the numbers in 2 groups, with each group consisting of 3 numbers.

* On the side of the ticket, you mark “2/ 3” and “1/ 6”.

* This feature means you want to bet $3.$1 on the first 3-number team, $1 on the second 3-number team, and $1 on your six numbers. Think of this as a kind of betting on horse racing. Selecting winning numbers is good, but selecting winning numbers, winning positions, and winning conditions is something even better.

Bet based on the mix. The numbers you choose can also overlap in the mixture. For example, you choose a group of 2 numbers, 3 numbers and 4 numbers. This means you have 3 groups of numbers. However, you can also choose a group of 5 numbers (3 and 2), 6 numbers (2 and 4), 7 numbers (3 and 4), and 9 numbers (all the numbers you choose). If you bet $1, how much total payment do you have to pay? Only $7. You’ve bet smart!

* Remember to write on the side of your ticket what you want! Otherwise, the keno game staff will be confused.

Play the “king” ticket. If a number is circled alone then this number is called “king.” This number can then be put into the mix. Let’s take the initial 2/3 and 1/6 for example– add the king number on top of this whole mix so that now your bet is 2/4 and 2/7. The king number joins each group of 3 numbers and is added to the total so you has 7 numbers at the conclusion.

3. Pursue Variations

Bet on the bonus. Many state lottery sites or casinos in the US have some type of bonus on all keno games. Sometimes this bonus is known as a bulls eye, booster, or regular bonus. However, you will definitely recognize it when you see it. This bonus is in the form of a number, which if it appears, you will win big. Of course, the betting payout is a little bigger, starting from $1 to 2 times your bet.

* The bonuses also vary. This bonus can be 2 times your winnings, up to 20x the normal calculation. Ask the keno game staff at your gambling site to find out how it works.

Play video keno. Some online keno games allow you to bet up to 40 numbers. However, you can also play it on screens in casinos and various other locations nowadays. The payouts are generally a little better, but you also have to play faster, so in the end it’s the same as regular keno. However, in video keno, you are free to choose your playing speed.

* You will sort the numbers just by holding the screen– this is very easy to do. Sometimes there are even video keno games with low payouts. Make sure you know the minimum betting amount before you start playing.

Consider stacked jackpots if available. Many casinos offer these progressive jackpots– if no one wins it then the jackpot keeps getting bigger and bigger again. The jackpot can even be so big that the payout exceeds 100%! However, because all of this is random, predicting victory is a difficult thing to try. However, if you see that there is a jackpot, playing will be very exciting!

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