– There are quite a lot of card games, such as poker, domino qq, capsa. So, the name of the last game might sound a bit foreign, especially for those of you who rarely play card games. It’s less popular compared to poker or dominoes, but for card game lovers, playing capsa is just as exciting as playing other card games.

What is Capsa?

Capsa is a card game whose name means thirteen. This game is also known as the Big Two game, because the highest card is the number 2 or Thirteen (13).

Usually, this capsa game is played by four people and when played, each participant will get 13 cards (the number of playing cards is 52). There are several types of capsa, namely capsa susun and capsa banting.

How to Play Capsa Susun and Capsa Banting Gambling

How to play Capsa Susun. First, the players arrange the cards that we have got in a 5-5-3 formation. Then each formation is confronted (pitted) against its opponent’s formation. Whoever wins the most is the winner.

Meanwhile, many people consider the way of playing Capsa Banting to be more interesting. It is named Capsa Banting because every time we take out a card it usually gets slammed. In the capsa game, the player who uses up the cards first is the winner.

History of the Capsa Banting Game

The capsa banting card game was first played in China around the 1980s. This game is very popular in Shanghai Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines and Singapore; Capsa has also spread in Western countries, where it is known by the names: Big Two, Big Deuce or Deuces, Bu Bu Gao Sheng, Pusoy Dos and others. There is also something that is no less popular, namely the online capsa susun game

The goal in this capsa banting game is to be the first player to use up all the cards. You can start the game with cards singly or in combination.
If they cannot be the first player, players should try to have as few cards as possible. How to play: Single card, Pair, Triple card, or a combination of five cards.

In a 5 card combination, there are 5 types of combinations, the order of combinations is as follows: straight, flush, full house, four of a kind, straight flush.
Straight: is a mixture of 5 cards with consecutive numbers.
Flush: a mixture of 5 cards with the same suit
Full House: a combination of 3 three cards of the same number plus 2 cards of the same number
Four of a kind: a combination of 4 cards of the same number plus one wild card
Straight Flush: a mixture of 5 cards with consecutive numbers, the same suit.
Royal Straight Flush: A combination of 10 J Q K A cards, the same suit.

How to start the Capsa Banting Game

Players who hold 3 diamonds can start first with a single card or with a combination according to the rules. The player on the right will get the next turn, and so on.
At the turn the player must pass (not play a card) or beat the previous player by drawing a higher card or combination.
This continues for several rounds until there is only one player left who does not pass or no one is able to beat the last card.

Beat card 2

There are also 2 card combinations that can beat card 2, card combinations: four of a kind plus one free card and a straight flush.

Decreased value of card 2

Can be beaten by four of a kind or straight flush, all remaining 2 cards in this match will be the smallest number.

Dragon wins

Dragon win : A-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-J-Q-K, straight win in this game.
Other players will be considered defeated without removing any cards.

History of the Capsa Susun Game

Of course the readers here are already familiar with the card game called Capsa Susun. This game is basically very similar to the game of poker. With the exact same card combination scoring system, it makes it easy for many people to learn this game. The game also usually runs relatively quickly.

The things above are certainly factors that are not surprising if we call the capsa susun game the most popular playing card game after poker. Because there are already lots of gambling players who have fallen in love with this game.

The main principle in this game is to arrange the 13 cards that are dealt into 3 piles of cards in a 3-5-5 arrangement from bottom to top. Where the value of the cards arranged will be greater at the bottom of the card arrangement.

For people who usually play poker, they will certainly feel fluent in playing this game. But, do you know the ins and outs and background of the Capsa Susun card game? Of course there is nothing wrong if we know more about this capsa susun game.

Some experts argue that the game of capsa susun is an evolution of the game of chess played by shepherds in West Asia in ancient times. In those days, shepherds played this game with almost the same concept as chess. However, this game was previously not played with cards, but with pebbles.

However, several other historians say that this game was created to perform honor ceremonies and also as a means to communicate with the gods. This happens because several historians agree that the capsa susun game was first discovered in mainland China around the 10th century AD. This game was also played during the ancient Chinese royal dynasty, namely Emperor Mu-Tsung. Capsa susun was also played along with the Pai Gow game at that time.

Development of Capsa Susun

In the 1800s, capsa susun cards were played with wood and began to be mass produced for the market. After the success of mass production, capsa susun started with a new material, namely copper plate. In the same year, historians discovered the process of card reproduction using color and lithography techniques and further encouraged the opinion that this model was very popular with the public as a favorite game at that time.

In the 19th century, capsa susun finally spread to Europe, specifically Italy. Playing cards that first appeared in Europe are better known as Tarot Cards (tarochi) or fate tablets considering their shape is like a tablet that is used to predict someone’s fate. However, generally Capsa Susun is better known as Russian Poker.

On online gambling sites, capsa is known in two forms of play. The first is known as capsa banting and the second is the game capsa susun. Apart from that, capsa susun is known by several names, such as in Mandarin this game is called Sap Sam Cheung which means 13 cards. Meanwhile, in Vietnam they call capsa susun XAP Xam Chuong.

Meanwhile, in its home country, China calls capsa susun as Luosong Pai Jiu or Russian Pai Gow because capsa susun is related to Pai Gow. Unlike other countries, the United States calls the capsa susun game Chinese Poker.

How to start the Capsa Susun Game

Card calculations in online capsa susun will also be carried out when the available time is up. Each player will also be given time to be able to recreate the 13 cards that have been given. Calculations will also be carried out between players (head to head) from the bottom, middle and top rows.

Capsa Susun Card Calculation Steps

Each arrangement will also receive a value of 1 point, but it is different for the results of calculating “goods”.

Several types of “goods” calculations:

Threes in the top order will also get a value of 5 points

Full House in the middle will also get a value of 3 points

Four of a Kind in the bottom arrangement will also receive a value of 7 points

Four of a Kind in the middle arrangement will also receive a value of 14 points

Straight Flush in the bottom arrangement will also get a value of 9 points

Straight Flush in the middle arrangement will also get a value of 18 points

Royal Flush in the bottom order will also receive a value of 11 points

Royal Flush in the middle will also receive a value of 22 points

“Dragon” as the winner will also get a value of 208 points.

Dragon is where the combination of 13 cards can form a complete arrangement from Ace to King.
Capsa Susun Card Calculation Steps

Translucent is a condition where one player wins head to head over another player in each lower order. So the winner’s points will also be multiplied by 2 plus the “goods” bonus.

Translucent (Super) is a condition where one player wins head to head over all the other players, whether from the bottom, middle or top order. So the player’s point value will also be multiplied by 4 plus the “goods” bonus. *Super is not valid if only played by 3 players*

PAO is a condition where the player is wrong in placing the card arrangement. Players who are wrong in placing the card arrangement will also be seen as having lost their round and the card count will also be ((3×4) + bonus “goods” owned by other players).

Capsa Susun Card Calculation Steps

The room fee is 3% of the winner’s total winnings.

For example :

If at 1 table there are four players (A, B, C, and D) at the table with stakes of 100 rupiah.

On the first line A gets a Full House K and 3, B gets a Flush of Spades, C gets a Straight 8, and D gets a Pair of Aces.

The calculation steps are: person A wins all head to head, which means getting 100 rupiah each from all the first rows, and the total win on the first row is 300 rupiah.

Person B wins from C and D, but loses to A. B’s total winnings from the first row are 100 rupiah.

Person C wins from D, but loses to A and B. So the total loss in the first row is 100 rupiah.

Person D lost to A, B, and C. So the total loss of D in the first row was 300 rupiah.

Likewise, the same calculation applies up to the 3rd row arrangement.

The final results will also show the overall wins as well as the losses and wins for each player.

How to Win Playing Capsa

Here is how you can actually win playing Capsa.

1. Be patient

Patience is really needed because one game of capsa can take two to five minutes, unlike baccarat or other types of card games.

2. Arrange a Capsa card

Check the color of the cards first, then quickly count the number of cards: how many cards have hearts, how many spades, how many curls and how many diamonds. If there are not five of each color, then check the fourth number.

3. Pay attention to how your opponent plays

When playing capsa. You have to be able to see the situation. If your opponent takes too long to arrange, you can be sure that his cards are not good or are scrambled or your opponent will even be confused about arranging his cards. It is at times like these that we can take advantage of it to achieve victory.

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